Noosa Fairy Pools

Image Source: Australia_36 by nilswedding is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Worth the walk

What are the Noosa The Fairy Pools?   They are two naturally formed tidal pools just west of the headland at the eastern end of Granite Bay, near Noosa. The smaller pool is only visible low tide but the larger one may still be usable at high tide when the swell is smaller and fewer waves crash over the rocks to refill the pool.

What to do?

  • Add to your Instagram credibility
  • Snorkelling is possible if the sea is gentle or the tide is low, so bring a snorkel and mask and you might be able to fest your eyes with coral and sponges.   
  • Jump in the deep section of the larger pool (but take caution as there are submerged rocks).

When to go?

Low tide is your best bet, but anytime of the year when the sea is not too rough.

How To Get There: 

The pools are within the Noosa National park and can be accessed from Noosa Heads Noosa National Park Car Park (40 Minutes) or Sunshine Beach (1 hour) 

Noosa Heads: From National Car Park walk around the coastal path past Tea Tree Bay and Granite Bay.  The pools are accessed by making your way down the rocks from the lookout on the point at the far eastern end of Granite Bay after you have passed both Winch Cove and Picnic Cove but before the big bend in the track which goes around the point. Look out for a bench a few hundred metres after the Picnic Cove sign which marks the way down to the rocks.

From the Sunshine Beach side (entrances from The Esplanade or Parkedge Road )  See here for a map of the headland section of Noosa National Park.  

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