Life truly is a beach at these Noosa holiday apartments. The Rise Noosa may not be beachfront, but these apartments have some staggeringly beautiful views of Laguna Bay, and what’s more they are a mere 400 metres from Noosa’s Main Beach.

You don’t have to be an architect to appreciate the casual style of The Rise Noosa. Composed of a medley of materials, this Noosa holiday apartment resort is an ode to the beach houses of earlier days when they might have been little more than fibro or corrugated iron sheds. The Rise Noosa takes these ideas into the twenty first century and delivers a lucid interpretation of the Queensland beach shack. Some recognisable traits are retained — the use of lightweight materials, and also the honest and straightforward use of materials. The steel beams and trusses are exposed as design features for all to see.

All this building in the vernacular may be all very well, but what you probably want to know is, are these apartments any good for a Noosa beachside holiday?

Noosa resort

Noosa Holiday Accommodation

We won’t hide behind any fancy language, but oddly enough with all the glass that comprises much of the apartment living areas, there are also plenty of wooden louvre screens to draw when glare of the day is overbearing, or when privacy is required. But that’s just the start of the list of features that make The Rise Noosa such an outstanding accommodation destination. The space (lots of it), decor and furnishings (high-end modern), kitchens (designer), coffee (in-house espresso), pool facilities (epic) all add up to an outstanding place to stay.

Life truly is a beach at these Noosa holiday apartments. You’ll love the staggeringly beautiful views of Laguna Bay, and the handy distance to Hastings Street and Main Beach. Why wait any longer. Gather your friends and family. The Rise Noosa. It’s too good not to share. Book now.